Artisan Panettone with Coffe, Dark and Caramel Chocolate

The second novelty of Christmas 2021, the panettone with coffee (100% Arabica) and Belgian dark chocolate drops, covered with a caramel chocolate glaze, with an intense and creamy flavor: three ingredients that blend together to perfection, for an explosion of flavor that you will hardly forget.

Hand-packed in a satin pouch.

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Net weight



Cardboard case



Slow, very slow

Natural leavening

We wait all the time needed to allow the natural process of the dough levitation until the perfect point which permits us to offer you a simple yet easy to digest product while holding fast to the traditional recipes.

panettone caffè, cioccolato e caramello


As the traditional recipe says

Even the low form of our products is synonymous of quality and genuineness, a sequence of manual processes aimed at enhancing the softness of the dough and the scents of our candies, all coming from selected and guaranteed Italian producers.