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Our Panettoni

caffe e caramello panettone

covered with caramel chocolate

Coffee and Chocolate

The first novelty of Christmas 2021, the panettone with coffee (100% Arabica) and drops of Belgian dark chocolate, covered with a caramel chocolate glaze, with an intense and creamy flavor: three ingredients that blend together perfectly, for an explosion of flavor that you will hardly forget.

with berries and pistachios

Covered with Ruby Chocolate

The second novelty for Christmas 2021, it comes from the meeting of our panettone with Ruby chocolate, with its pink color and fruity taste. With fresh and sour notes, it is naturally free of dyes and flavors and comes from Ruby cocoa beans. What better combination than with berries and a sprinkling of pistachio granules on top of the chocolate frosting.

To learn more about Ruby chocolate click here

ruby 780 x 800
Interno panettone classico

with raisins and candied fruits

The Traditional Panettone

A great classic, with raisins, candied orange peel and Diamante citron. Handcrafted Panettone with double leavening, ingredients selected from the best suppliers, starting with butter and egg yolk from free-range farms, Calabrian orange peel.

Each panettone is unique, it is made with manual processes to enhance the softness and craftsmanship.

a mix of dark, milk and white drops.

3 Chocolates

Evolution of the panettone with dark chocolate drops, it is enriched with white and milk chocolate, a trio of small drops for an excellent balance of flavors, which are poured directly into the dough.

Our chocolates are selected by Belgian chocolatiers, and come from a sustainable management of cocoa bean harvesting. Learn more

panettone 3 cioccolati

meeting with our liquor factory

With Cherries and ``Rattafia``

This panettone was born from the encounter between our pastry shop and the liquor factory and has become a great classic of Artemisia; it is filled with semi-candied black cherries soaked in our Rattafia, a typical Abruzzo liqueur made with black cherries and Montepulciano wine. The double leavening gives softness to the dough and the absence of preservatives makes it highly digestible.

With pecorino romano dop, sun dried tomatoes and capers

Gastronomic Salty Panettone

Exclusive and unique product of its kind, it differs from the classic neutral gastronomic panettone to be filled, as it is already stuffed with capers, dried tomatoes, DOP pecorino romano cheese and oregano. It revolutionizes the classic concept of panettone, it becomes in fact a product suitable for any moment, ideal as an aperitif together with good bubbles.

panettone salato interno

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