An enjoyable elixir, created with authentic expertise, which is extracted from non-processed italian lemon rind and delicately peeled by hand. It is an ideal refreshment which may be enjoyed at room temperature or on ice as a digestive aid and/or an aperitif

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, infused lemon rind.

Produced and packaged by: Artemisia Liquori e Dolci srl, via G. Cacchi, 10 – 67100 L’Aquila – Italy


500ml, 700ml

% Abv




The ingredients


Limoncello is obtained by maceration in alcohol of lemon peel that gives the drink its intense yellow color.

liquore di zafferano

An ideal refreshment

Digestive aid or aperitif

We consider this product to be of the highest quality due to the fact that we cherishing the attributes of the correct process as we mirror the original and antique recipe.

Traditionally speaking it is enjoyed at the end of a meal with fresh fruit and dessert. It is suggested that in the summer it is savored at a cold temperature from 4 to 7 degrees Celsius (or 39 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit)