The company

Our land


We have been in L’Aquila for generations, 700 meters above sea level on the slope of a hill, a dry and dry climate which is associated with considerable temperature ranges due to the presence of imposing mountain massifs.

Ideal conditions for the production of “Genziana” and “Genepì” together with “Liquirizia“, “Rattafia” and “Nocino” have almost naturally become the object of this new course of our company.

Our barriques

We have chosen the woods of our barriques so that each of them can give that unique “aged” taste that enhances every detail of the infusion chosen. Our oak barrels house our infusions for at least twelve months.

For those who love antique and delicate flavours. For those who love bitter and sweet.


Saffron grinder

Our saffron powder is chopped by hand according to the ancient L’Aquila tradition of the “hand grinder“.


Via Giuseppe Cacchi, 10 – 67100 L’Aquila (AQ) - Italy