The Company

Our Mission

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Deep roots in the past of our land, with a constant look to the future.

This is what drives us to continually grow and renew ourselves, to offer consumers unique products, the result of ancient recipes from the Abruzzese tradition revisited in a modern key. All this is possible thanks to a very careful selection of ingredients and craftsmanship entrusted to the experience and skill of our operators.

Qualities that we want to emphasize and enhance also thanks to the care and elegance of our packaging, with particular attention to the sustainability of the materials used.

The Company

Our Land


We have been in L’Aquila for generations, 700 meters above sea level on the slope of a hill, a dry and dry climate to which are associated considerable temperature ranges due to the presence of imposing mountain massifs.

Ideal conditions for the production of “Gentian” and “Genepì” along with “Licorice“, “Rattafia” and “Nocino” which have become almost naturally the object of this new course of our company.

The Spirits

We have chosen the woods of our barrels so that each one can impart that unique “aged” flavor that enhances every detail of the chosen infusion. Our Alsatian oak barrels house our infusions for at least twelve months.

For those who love ancient and delicate flavors. For those who love bitter and sweet.

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The Pastry

Cookies, nougats and panettone. Genuine, healthy and preservative-free products are the heart of our business.

All our products are handmade according to artisanal processes

Dove siamo

Via Giuseppe Cacchi, 10 – 67100 L’Aquila