Genziana Caesar 500ml

Our Caesar Genziana differs from the Genziana “Gold line” due to its slightly lower alcohol content although it retains the correct organoleptic properties.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, Gentian root (Gentiana lutea) infusion.

Produced and packaged by: Artemisia Liquori e Dolci srl, via G. Cacchi, 10 – 67100 L’Aquila – Italy




% Abv




The ingredients

Gentiana lutea

Among the 500 species of gentian, the luteum or the yellow pigmented specie is the most favored. This plant hides away in the secret places of the mountain seemingly reserving its exclusive aromatic flavor and its gratifying fragrance. The pungent glycoside which it contains is well known, ever since the days of old, for its medicinal virtues.

As a digestive aid with antipyretic (fever-reducing) properties, the distinct flavour lingers pleasantly dal sapore forte che rimane a lungo nel gusto, and almost seems appointed to protect the health of the mountaineers who manage it wisely and with extended experience.

pianta di genziana
radice di genziana

The ingredients

Gentian root

The root is infused in pure alcohol for 40 days, then filtered, diluted and left to age.

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