Rattafia Rosso di Monte

Sour Cherry Liqueur made of the best selected cherries among the absolute finest quality. The fruit is harvested in July and is left to ferment for about three months; the liqueur that is produced during this process is then aged for 24 months in oak barrels and later bottled.

Ingredients: wine, alcohol, sugar, sour cherry infusion.

Produced and packaged by: Artemisia Liquori e Dolci srl, via G. Cacchi, 10 – 67100 L’Aquila – Italy




% Abv




The ingredients

Sour Cherries

The sour cherries we use are distinct as they are very small, perfectly round and have a sharp flavour.

They are preserved in their own syrup which is produced in our admired vases set in the sun which embellish the window sills of our villages every summer.


Aged for 24 months

The barriques

The flavour and fragrance of the classic “Rattafia” of L’Aquila are remarkably prominent as is the rich color which inspires the name of this liqueur, rosso di monte.