Soft nougat with Hazelnuts and Cocoa

We use the original recipe of nougat from L’Aquila handed down over time, the dough is obtained strictly with Italian honey, an ingredient common to all our nougats.

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Our mission

To raise awareness about Abruzzo's culture and the ``know-how`` of L'Aquila.

The delicate & creamy chocolate nougat. The typical nougat of L’Aquila is a rich combination of culture and traditional recipes handed down from one generation to the next and over the years adopted as one of the products which best represents our homeland

This is a product that has introduced Abruzzo to the world and our desire is to safeguard this tradition while expanding in order to deliver this treasure to the homes of our international customers.


The “Torroniera”

From the first phase of eliminating any residue water from the honey in the “Torroniera” in order to give it more body, to the boiling down of the caramel (or sugar solution) at a temperature which must be attentively controlled for about 30 minutes, to the moment of evenly spreading the mixture on its aliment paper, to the final stage of carefully cutting each piece, the long and very accurate process is diligently prepared and completed by hand throughout every phase of the confection creation.