Amaretti with citrus fruits

One of our finest and most carefully crafted products. Soft amaretti of Abruzzo with selected citrus paste, handmade one by one. In addition to a few simple but essential ingredients: almonds, sugar and whipped egg white. Made by hand and individually packaged to preserve the fragrance at its best.

Packaging made with recycled plastic ♻️

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Short transparent packaging



The “perfect” balance between sweet and bitter

Amaretti with Citrus Fruits

In our amaretti only selected citrus paste and first quality almonds. The shape of the product is entrusted to the manual skill of our craftsmen, now family owned, who knead egg white, sugar and almonds and then dip it into the sugar for the external icing.

All our macaroons are enclosed in elegant and exclusive packaging, made from aluminum and food plastic 80% recycled, and in turn totally recyclable. Find out more about our environmental commitment.

Amaretti morbidi alle mandorle