Ferratelle with cinnamon

Homemade cinnamon ferratelle of Abruzzo. A crumbly biscuit in the shape of a round waffle, in Abruzzo they are also known as “neole”. Cinnamon powder directly into the dough for a product with a unique and intense taste! Ideal in any occasion, excellent if combined with jams, spreads and ice cream.

Packaging made with recycled plastic ♻️

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Ferratelle with Cinnamon

Ferratelle with cinnamon powder directly in the dough, without any artificial aroma; pleasant and balanced taste for lovers of the most refined flavours. Ferratelle are classic sweets of the Abruzzo tradition that take their name from the iron plate used for their preparation. They use very few selected ingredients that guarantee quality and taste, as well as the total absence of preservatives and colorants. In fact, the recipe has remained the same as our grandmothers used to follow.

All our ferratelle are enclosed in elegant and exclusive packaging, made from aluminum and food plastic 80% recycled, and in turn totally recyclable. Find out more about our environmental commitment.

ferratelle with cinnamon